How can timesheets improve your daily life

Time Tracking

The lack of concentration in the work compromises the good performance of the tasks. Many professionals are unable to perform all activities at work because they are thinking about personal problems. Others are diverting attention with parallel conversations. With this the snowball effect arises: one task is accumulated for the next day, for the other and for the other. Free time sheets can definitely save you from all these troubles.

Before you start using your Timesheets, avoid the following mistakes.

  • Do not write down priorities;
  • Do not plan daily tasks;
  • Do not prioritize the work day, that is, do what appears first;
  • Leave the email open, which increases the number of interruptions;
  • Let important tasks become urgencies;
  • Create multiple calendars and do not synchronize them;
  • Accept ear activities and forget to note them;
  • Prioritize yourself on the agenda;
  • Do not say “no” and believe that everything can be done.

Use your Timesheets and avoid other issues such as:

Other problems are lack of control on the internet and stay connected on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and MSN. “The browser full of favorites also disrupts, because the professional opens their browser to access a website, but begins to surf by other sites they like. The solution is to install a new browser and not import the favorite sites,” said the expert.

  • Find out how you use your time: All the tasks you do are divided into three types: urgent (deadlines that are short or over), important (that bring results and have time to be fulfilled) and circumstantial ones (which do not add value and make you just wasting time). Knowing how your time is used will help you to plan yourself. Its focus will be to reduce urgent activities (prioritizing them to be eliminated quickly), to increase the important tasks and to eliminate the circumstantial ones. Try the Triad and find out how you use your time daily. It is very easy to find Free time sheets.
  • Plan Yourself! Having more time for personal and professional life is to prevent problems and prioritize what you want. This process of anticipation is fundamental in time management. To do this, plan your week in advance for at least three days. See what can lead to emergencies and create prevention activities.


  • Choose a tool: calendar, Iphone, Outlook, Neotriad or notebook that makes you take the tolls and tasks out of your head and center them in a reliable place. Use this tool to plan and anticipate your problems.


  • Limit your work schedule: Often we need overtime to achieve all the priorities of the day. This is because we know we have this additional time. If it were a must to get out of your exact time (when the office lights are turned off, for example), you would certainly be more focused and therefore more productive. Try creating these “limiters” for you on a daily basis.


  • Organize your workplace: your paperwork, magazines and your closets. It is estimated that a person spends 40 minutes a day locating information and this is a lot of wasted time. You can use Free printable timesheets.


Prioritize your day, every day! Make a list of activities you need to perform on the day, calculate the duration of each task (to check if you have time to do everything) and order in the execution sequence. See how Time sheets can save you! Click:

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